Happy Bowls is the creation of a New York surfing family aiming to promote active + healthy lifestyle options to the masses.

Eye-opening world travel lead proprietor Tyler Davis to open the first location at age 22. When he's not tending to the business, you can find him surfing, spearfishing, riding motocross or spending time with his sister, professional surfer Quincy Davis.

People often ask, "Why the East Coast + Caribbean for a business like this?" To be frank, our roots here run deep + this is exactly where we want to be, incorporating our lifestyle + taste in a way that gives back to the communities we've grown to love so very much.


Starting from East



Amidst travel in South America + Puerto Rico while surfing + studying, Tyler stumbled upon the açaí bowl and was quickly smitten by such a great meal - one that satisfies hunger without weighing you down, while providing daily vitality, packed in the form of vitamins, minerals + antioxidants. Whether it was before, in-between or after a surf session, the açaí bowl was a great food option. 

With that inspiration internalized, Tyler set off to return home and found Happy Bowls in his hometown.



Branching Out
in Paradise



After experiencing the initial success of setting up shop out east, Tyler opted to expand the business geographically, to his home away from home, Puerto Rico. Partnering up with long-time friend Jose Rodriguez (a western PR native) the two established the second Happy Bowls location in Mayaguez, spreading the business footprint to the little island in the Carribean.

After all, what goes better with palm trees + strong sun than a refreshingly cool bowl or smoothie?



To the Center
of it all



With the Happy Bowls team + lifestyle established, we want to continue promoting our passions - an active and healthy lifestyle, environmental respect, wholesome food + of course, the bowls. We've just opened our new Astor Place location, spreading the joy of Happy Bowls across the largest city on earth + we could not be more stoked about it.

We're always looking to field inquiries from potential franchisees. Learn more about our franchisee model + core values at the link below and feel free to reach out if you're interested in becoming part of the Happy Bowls family!